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Count Noctilus but he spews fire on his mount

MOD Desc
Changes Count Noctilus’s Necrofex to fire flames like the RoR variant of the unit, but stronger and enough to cook your enemy for a small nation to eat.

His mount is recruitable at level 2 now

Also fully unlocks all of his spells and he has a lot more WoM reserves now

Not a balanced mod, download this to go ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ if you like playing with a big ♥♥♥ flamethrower.

See this in action

I don’t understand why so many people praise this game so much. To me, this is just a fair game. I actually prefer Attila and Rome II to this. Yes, it has so many great features but most of them are new textures and new factions which look very cool at the beginning. But the strategic value of the Totalwar franchise is actually reduced.

+ 4 new factions with heroic quests. Different factions with unique play styles. This is a huge plus for a strategy game.
+ Vast and detail campaign map and battle. The siege battle is boring. Don’t tell me to count on Mods because from now on CA will not give us full siege map anymore.
+ Cool and good animations especially monsters.
+ Level of difficulty is fine to me. AI seems to respond better in battle.
+ Great sound performance. I love the music so much.
+ Coordinate battle with allies is now improved a bit.
+ Mortal empires expansion is free for those whose bought TWWH I.

– Another game with 1vs1 combat animations. Please get rid of this, CA. There have been many issues with this kind of combat. Units do not charge routing army (guarding button is just for decoration). Routing army now run with a speed of god-like cavalry. Your units can never kill half of them.
– Naval battles are gone. They use auto-resolve to simplify all. CA actually does not how to make naval warfare.
– Vortex feature is not good for a strategy game. Everything is about rushing. I don’t like the intervention army mechanism.
– Still 20 units per army. It has already been 10 years. Large-scale battles are impossible. Each reinforce unit will join battle after another one routed.
– Rally feature turns you into the crazy mode when dealing with huge AI armies.
– Very slow army build due to poor economy balance.
– Very small amount of units while defence towers are small Deathstar ion cannons.
– Now to complete 1 turn. It takes you at least 30-60 secs in the late game. The map is huge but you will find it boring to conquer. The answer is below.
– Many factions are just copy-pasted of each other. Why do you like to create so many small factions like that? What a waste of performance on those tiny factions like those.
– Diplomacy is still the same. No improvement at all.
– Prepare for the DLC whoring next year.

I have almost 1000 hours in with TWW1 and this game is a massive leap forward. It is optimized a lot better and in most cases runs better than TWW1. I’m running on ultra with 60 fps and no issues what so ever. I have a good rig but seeings how I ran TWW1 on my old computer that had a quad core on Normal settings just fine any PC made in the last 8 years should be able to run this no problem. Most of the negative reviews are from the cancerous elements of the total war community that want to cry about lack of ‘Historical content’ so ignore these since most are not valid complaints anyway. The UI is a vast improvement from previous titles, the added RPG elements make you care about your generals and units. I’ll go over a short pro and con list and this will be subject to change due to patches, dlc and flc.

1: Optimized a hell of a lot better than the first game.
2: Combat seems a lot longer than TWW1 (Can’t wait for steel faith)
3: Combat animations seem to be making a comeback (Will get better once blood is released in a few days)
4:Gorgeous maps! (Can’t wait to see what modders can do with this game)
5:Amazing looking units (So far I’ve only played High Elves but from what I can see it’s legit)
6: Treasure hunts and ship wrecks (good source of bonus $$)

1: Siege battles are still lame (COME ON CA LISTEN TO THE FANS LOL)
2: Lack of blood (Obiously this will be fixed shortly and I understand why they exclude it but that doesn’t mean I have to like it)
3: Lack of races (Obviously will change when the grand campaign is released for free) (Also I’m a human player and hate the knife ears)
4: Not a fan of the vortex campaign so far (I’m on turn 70 and I’m stuck on the island fighting high elves while everyone is doing their things)
5: Not really high up on the list but lack of naval battles. ( Honestly I auto resolved most of them in Rome 2 and Empire but occasionally I did enjoy fighting them)

The Grand campaign will be the meat and potatoes of this game and once it’s released I will be super pumped. That being said this is still an amazing game and a vaste imporvement in most areas of game 1 and can’t wait for what the life of this game will bring us. Highly recommend to new and old total war players and warhammer fans everywhere.

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