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Stupidly OP Sarthorael the Everwatcher, Lord of Change

MOD Desc
Made by request.

Stat changes can be seen on the image above + 85% magic resistance. In addition Sarthorael got a 70% ward save.

Those who are interested in seeing the new stats for all the lords in a spreadsheet can go here[]. The spreadsheet will always be updated, the images may not be up to date.

Stupidly OP Legendary Lords TWW2

Vampire Coast
Tomb Kings
High Elves
Dark Elves
Vampire Counts
Chaos Undivided
Wood Elves

So, where to begin, the game is overall good, just as the first one was, but none of the issues with the first game have been addressed, at all, the AI is still the worst AI in a total war game ive seen post shogun 2, the unit composition of the AI is the worst ive seen out of any total war ive played.

What about the aspects of the game outside of the AI i hear you ask? well the map variety is still none existent, doesnt matter how many patterns of trees you have on a field, its still an open field with nothing unique, there are no river battles, or small town battles, and the seige battles are still the worst in the TW series as you are limited to a full frontal assault under fire from towers.

The races themselfs dont feel overly fleshed out, especially the high elves, they feel so bland they make the empire of TWWH1 look interesting. but its not all doom and gloom, the game is more stable and handles higher volumes of troops on field at once, the campaign is somewhat enjoyable but somewhat linear now they have added the ‘race for the vortex’ objective, which is literally just a resource race, nothing special or interesting to it.

Quest battles and the quest series have been streamlined so you dont have to arbitrarily move a random agent 3/4 the length of the map for a turn to continue, they are all objectives your faction should be doing passively as a by product of playing them such as dark elves ‘collect X amount of slaves’.

In conclusion the game is on par with the first one with some improvments, even if none are in the right places, my recomendation is wait for mods like steel faith to come and for the ‘mega campaign’ to be unlocked before looking at the game again because right now, this game does nothing id call an advantage over TWWH1 other than the races themselves.

I just wanted to share my opinion to try and counter the heap of negative reviews that the sale has caused.

This is a premium game with developers that constantly update and improve the game. The game completely warrants the full price tag at $70, and you are complaining when you get it at 66% off? There are COUNTLESS hours of content in the base game.
If newcomers have an issue with not having access to Mortal Empires then I have two things to say to that:

1. Mortal Empires is a combination of two maps from two different games. What newcomers need to understand is that Warhammer 1 had it’s own map and storyline. Then Warhammer 2 had it’s own map and storyline (Lustria and the story of the Vortex). Mortal Empires was not a part of Warhammer 2 initially and still nobody complained about the game because it was an amazing game and the Vortex Campaign is fun and well though out. Mortal Empires could have been released as paid DLC to fit the model that CA follows but instead they worked hard and released it to people who owned both maps. It’s that simple, it was free to people who owned both maps, which is like 95 percent of the player base, who didn’t just buy the game on sale for 66 percent off and then ing complain.


Yes the DLC model is kind of rough, but Total War fans know the drill now and we understand how much work the devs put into these games. Yes this game is pricey, but you get what you pay for, constant updates and improvements. Don’t come in during a 66% off sale and tarnish the reviews of a perfectly good game because you didn’t read into it before you bought it.

And for those refunding… you are idiots…

While core of game remained same as with TWW1, there are several huge quality of life improvements in this game. Most issues from TWW1 were solved here and just because of that I have to recomend it.

Probably most important thing that is rarely mentioned is shape of map. Unlike with TWW1 where in middle-late game you are spreading everywhere and have borders so long that it is impossible to defend them and your time is spent on running after various small armies, big enough to destroy city but small enough to fall to your doomstacks.
Here they fixed it. Map is practicaly divided into 4 areas which as game progress will inevitably be conquered by one or two factions creating huge enemy empires.

Which mean that when you at later stages of game decide to invade other continent you will not just breeze through dozen of small nations but will have to fight one strong enemy that is capable of giving you challange and also counter-invade your own lands.

Also it means that most wars are fought along managable frontline with various chokepoints over map where you can make your stand even against greater enemy with reasonable chance.

And on top of that, thanks to having same race factions start on different continents, as long as they are not destroyed, you will have competent largy ally on different part of map. No more problems like with vampire counts who are from beginning competing for territory with other undeads.

So to sum it up, they managed to do one almost unimaginable thing. For the first time in Total War games, even though I am by that point where I would declare myself winner and did not bother to finish campaign, I still keep playing. Because they managed to make end game and total domination less of hassle as was in every other TW title before and more fun.

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