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Beautiful Supreme Sorceresses

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More beautiful Dark Elf Supreme Sorceresses. Smoother fairer skin, no cloaks, no more red eyes, and slightly more revealing outfits. I also exchanged the sword for something less bulky and more fitting to a sorceress.

Graphical only. Does not change any stats.

This mod is included in my Dark Elves reskin:

Reskin: Darker Dark Elves

This mod is included in the compilation:

Beautiful Compilation

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Dark Elves, Druchii, Reskin

I LOVE this game, The battles are VERY enjoyable and the Campaign is satisfying and feels like an adventure to me. And with the release of Mortal Empires, I have finally found the Warhammer Fantasy Experence that I was looking for, ever since Games workshop discontinued the tabletop version of it.

Sure it has bugs but Every total war game has them. it usually takes about a full year for a total war game to have most of its bugs fixed.

But regardless, this game is my absolute favorite game and I highly recommend it to any True Warhammer Fantasy enthusiest like myself, Even more so if they cannot play Fantasy on the tabletop anymore.

However Ownership of both games is required to play the Mortal Empires campaign. If you own any WARHAMMER 1 downloadable content, that content will carry over into WARHAMMER 2, In Mortal Empires, even the blood and gore DLC carries over from WARHAMMER 1

Yet you don’t need to have the first game installed on your computer in order to play Mortal Empires in Warhammer 2, you just need to own the first game in your steam account and any DLC you want to use from game 1 needs to be in your library.

Overall this is a great game and a true gem in any Warhammer gamer’s collection.

My gosh. This game is a masterpiece! The replay is redic. This game inspired me to read Warhammer books for goodness sake!(Headtaker)
That being said, I can undertand the anxiety over buying a game with so much DLC. However, you get enough content to start with to keep you busy for 100+ hours. Honestly after playing through one campain you will want more and more. The factions you dont buy are still played by the AI on the map, so its not like a greyd out area or anthing. You can still dominate them!
The Balance of the factions/races is perfect. Even though all the races have completly different units and play style. If you like overwhelming your foe with numbers: Try the Skaven(Ratmen)( my fav. Queek rules). If you like fighting against overwhelming odds: The Sturdy Dwarves will never break! The Orcs, Humans, and Vampires are amazing and enjoyable as well. Not to mention the Beastmen, Lizardmen, Darkelfs, and Highelfs. All amazing with thier own lore and play styles.

I compare it to Civ 5 in the way you just cant stop playing!

This game may suck time away at x2 speed! if you have to work in the morning set an alarm; not to wake you up, but to stop playng and go to bed(one more turn)! I hope this is helpfull in making your choice. Enjoy 🙂

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