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TW:W2 – 59 Skill Points

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NOTE: This mod will almost always work regardless of patches. The reason for this is it is exceedingly rare (if ever) that the tables that dictate skills are never messed with. I’d like to say it will 100% of the time work, but you never know what could happen so I rather err on the side of caution and just say it will almost always work, if for whatever reason a patch does mess with it, I likely will have it fixed within a day or two.

59 skill points over 40 levels.
2, 2, 1, 1 repeat.

No additional skill points.

Deceptive marketing from this company. This isn’t a true part 2, this is essentially a standalone expansion / game update that they put up for sale as a part 2 to trick newcomers to the series. You think you can skip part 1, but this game is missing key features like a conquest mode and half the races unless you purchase the first one and all of its DLCs retroactively.

Of course long time fans who have owned the first game all along don’t mind, but this is a really dishonest way to make people think they can get into the series late and then ambush them with an entire extra game worth of DLC that doesn’t show up on the store page.

If they had simply released this as an expansion to Total War: Warhammer I wouldn’t have an issue with it, you’d know that what you’re really dealing with is one huge living game with a massive backlog of DLC and you’d know what to buy if you want to try the basics. But this makes you purchase a specialty campaign with only half the races in it, and doesn’t tell you that the meat and potatoes of the game where you fight over the whole world and can play any race you want costs extra.

So this game has been out for 3 years now and some of you nerds still haven’t played? Seriously this game IS THE BEST TW title (even better than the beautiful 3 Kingdoms). I’ve probably put close to 8000 hours in the various TW’s and I can safely say this is my favorite. You don’t have to be a Warhammer fan to enjoy, in fact besides Dawn of War, I had no experience with the Warhammer universe but after playing this since launch I now have the minatures. The only real con is the shear amount of DLC and lack of tutorial for new races so there can be a bit of trial and error when experimenting with new tactics. As for the DLC, the big ones add whole new races, armies, and campaigns so they are worth it if you have the $, but you really only need blood god and the freeLC.

Basically if you’ve ever had an innate desire to lead a bunch of Mayan T-Rexs against a horde of chittering Ratmen spurting forth green lightning, or perhaps had an inclining to bombard a glittering High Elf citadel with legions of zombie pirates and bus-sized angry hermit crabs straight from Davy Jones’ locker, this is the game for you. Mork and Gork give it 5/5.

A very worthy successor to Total War Warhammer. Runs very smoothly like it’s predecessor; I’m running an FX-6300 SixCore 3.5GHz, 8GB DDR2 RAM and an RX480 4GB. I get 43fps on ultra settings in the battles (which is impressive for my poor old rig). Seems very optimized to me.
A very smooth launch for me, I could get right into the game (do note that you need updated drivers!) Not at all like Rome 2.

Campaign AI seems to be competent, not making my life too easy, even when doing the campaign with the supposedly easy starting positions.

Battle AI behaves weirdly sometimes, but knowing CA, there will be updates incoming to remedy that.

The graphics are amazing, the campaign map is absolutely beautiful.

The vortex campaign is enthralling; a step away from the sandbox approach, but it’s working (although you have the option NOT to race for the vortex, but I won’t spoil any further). However, the race is pretty thrilling, so I don’t see why you would forego it on the first playthroughs.

You feel the respect and love for the warhammer lore oozing from this game. I highly recommend it.

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