it makes sense. And it makes a very interesting challenge. Plus

Become A Vassal

MOD Desc
DESCRIPTION: This mod allows you to offer your country up as a vassal to another faction. Whether you are about to be defeated and want to surrender your country, or you want to become a vassal for other reasons, now you will be able to do that. You are not allowed to change masters once you offer your country, and the only way to become free is through a war of independence with your master.

COMPATIBILITY: Should be compatible with everything

MULTIPLAYER: This mod was built with multiplayer in mind so that it is fully compatible with multiplayer. You can even become a vassal of your friend or vice-versa!

THANKS: Special thanks to Vanish who created the UI framework. I also heavily based my UI off his region trading UI, which is a fantastic mod. Without him so many mods like this would not be possible.

Thank you to crisord for designing the artwork used for the mod icon!

DONATIONS I will always make mods for free but any help is appreciated and great encouragement![]

Love the idea. From an RP perspective it's cool. From a diplomatic standpoint

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