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Stupid OP Malus

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I like many of you enjoyed Ulrik H.D Stupidly OP LL mods. He has been MIA sense late last year, I hope all is well with him. Thanks to his Mods I was able to figure out how to create my own new Stupid OP Mods or from this point forward S.O.P. Mods.

– I have created SOP mod for each of the current LL in game and some heroes that felt deserving of an SOP Mod.
Please enjoy and feel free to leave me a comment below.

– I Plan on keeping these updated for as long as possible and by the 3rd Game I hope to be more skilled in being able
to make Mods for Total War Warhammer.

!~All my Mods Work with SFO already, Issues will be with other Mods that edit the same tables.~!
– If you want to help me out or support the future of these Mods, click the link below to toss a coin or two my way! Helps keep the old fuel tank full and charged. Please don’t forget to rate and share! []

Dark Elves S.O.P Mods
Wish there was a mod that had all the Dark Elves in one? Look no further.. click the image below!

Like these mods? check out my other S.O.P Mods for other factions by going to the S.O.P. Collection link here.

I am quite fond of this interpretation of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles(and its previous iteration), despite sometimes the campaign AI engage in some wacky shenanigans.
As a High Elf fanatic I must express my discontent regarding the White Lions in this adaption: back in 8th Edition the White Lions were at the very least the same tier, if not slightly superior than the Swordmasters(if my memory has not failed me the lion cloaks provide better saves than the Swordmaster’s deflection, but in terms of damage they are very similar: both units carry great weapons and, like any other High Elf units they always strike first). Unfortunately the White Lions in the game are rather……mediocre.
I do look forward to the release of Lumineth Realm Lords in AoS, but I shall never forget the wonderfully imaginative WFB.

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