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Better Runefangs

MOD Desc
Simple mod that makes some consistency changes to the runefangs that were added in the empire update and also buffs them slightly.

All are given magical attacks.

All are given 5+ local public order

All are given 15% post-battle loot.

All are given the generic ‘Runefang’ active which boosts weapon strength and splash damage, Talabecland and Ostland runefang have this combined in their unique active.

The Nordland runefang active was changed to be alot stronger vs units with many models like skaven slaves. So use it in blobs.

Some were given contanct effects like the Solland runefang with ‘Discourage’.

Ghal Maraz is also severely juiced up to make it as superior to the runefangs as it should be.

Balance is up for debate and suggestions are appreciated.

I have plans to maybe make more advanced changes in future. I just don’t really know how at the moment.

With the Grimhammer mod (when it’s up to date) it’s the most varied and entertaining Total War. Historical games should take a lesson from mushroom hooligans, rat conspiracies, crab people and corrupting magic. If you own the first game, the combined Mortal Empires campaign has tons of content, asymmetrical factions and flavours of world domination. Huge replay value, especially with the added factions from DLCs.

The biggest flaw used to be that with the bigger map the AI factions took their sweet time doing their turns. Now, this is no longer the case, the end turn sequence got patched and lasts now just seconds instead of minutes. This allows the game to suck up your life and free time even more efficiently.

TW: Warhammer is probably the best total war to date.
The turn-based management element is easy to pick up and understand but require you to think and plan, especially on higher difficulties, though in early stages the enemy AI is easy to predict; Battles are my favourite part, the game makes you feel powerful with your magics and elite units but always feels balanced, If your armies are near equal power, but sometimes even if you’re out numbered, you can turn the tides of battle with clever use of magic or unit positioning.
If you own TW: Warhammer 1, you get access to The Mortal Realms, a huge map consisting of the first and second game’s campaign map merged into one; easily my favourite way to play the game!

will somebody please fix this game, the controls are the worst i have seen in any total war game, try to click on an army and i am catapulted to the other side of the map or if i am really lucky i am sent to the diplomacy screen to talk to somebody from a race i did not want to talk to and as for being called warhammer 2 i feel as if i, like many others who have bought the game i have been conned, this is more like an expansion to the original warhammer total war game without the fixes than a second generation of the game, but why should manufactures of this computer version of what could have been a great game for warhammer fans and a good advertisment for games workshops other games get in the way of making a profit

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