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War Eternal ~Radious~

MOD Desc
Radious Sub mod
-Unit size increase 50%
-Health for big monsters/chariots increase 50%
-health for lords increase 50%
-Spell radius increase 50%
-Female units (genderbending) WIP

All heroes HP 50% up
All monster/chariot units HP 50%
All non-monster/artilery/chariot unit size 50% up

Gender Swap –
High Elf – TBD
Wood Elf – TBD
Dark Elf – TBD

Requirements – This is a Radious sub mod, so this requires radious mod. It shouldn’t conflict with any mods but it won’t be compatible with mods that adds other units due to obvious reasons, they wont get the increase.

This is merely a mod for me and my buddy to play with, because I love having me some sexy killer elves. (A harem freak) so I don’t really plan on developing it into anything huge at the moment. If you want to make your own version, just shoot me a message or something.

A well done game that scratches a niche (swidt) that you’re not going to get anywhere else. I wish they’d get a modern AI guru to do their AI, but that’s a problem that almost all video games have. (Maybe I should start contracting out to game companies.) Anyway, great game. Constantly getting updates.

What about DLC? What about it? The game is great without DLC.

*And even if you don’t buy DLC the new races are still added to game as enemies.* So the game just keeps expanding and getting better no matter what.

4 solid very different armies and campaigns. That’s a bunch. If you like the game enough you can buy DLC. Honestly, given the production costs of modern gaming that’s just a healthy model — solid game at fine price. If you love it and pour hours into it then really high quality DLC that you can buy. I’m happy.

Very good game that simply doesn’t have any real competitors.

Are you a perfectionist? Do you love strategy? Do you love massive battles? Do you love infinite replayability?

If any of the above describes you: Get this game.

If you want a chill game that you can pick up at any time. This is it. If you want a game to obsessively grind through over a weekend. This is it. If you want to enact your greatest general fantasies commanding the forces of good or evil. This is it. If you want to play fantasy risk/civ and control the world. This is it.

There are dozens of factions, each with countless units which support numerous playstyles. Each race has multiple starting locations and faction leaders giving you tons of options to mix it up. Oh and there are serious, well made mods to completely rework how the game works when you are bored of Vanilla (I’m talking legit, version controlled, change logged mods made by professionals in their down time).


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