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Black Orcs Shield

MOD Desc
This mod add new elite unit for Greenskins.
Mod updated for Mortal Empires. Unit can be recruted by all Greenskins and other sub-factions.

You can see how units look ingame before subscribe –

Please test it, love it 😉 , rate it and leave comment!

My combined Greenskins mod here:
Retexture + recolour + new unit.

Incredibly unbalanced game campaign wise
have fun watching single factions dominate the map and then tediously slogging through them and their some 40 provinces just to get the victory. This has been an endless problem with this game that the developer refuses to address. It might be turn 400+ by the time you get the victory. The first 150 of those turns will be you fending off (especially if you play an ‘evil’ faction) random armies who sometimes sail across the ocean to attack you because you’re the player. the other 250 turns will be you dealing with factions who often have no checks on them, and by that point conquer ~25% of the map relatively unopposed. This seems to be a continuous problem despite whatever patch is released. In the first game this problem occurred with Vampires, Chaos, Norsca, Wood Elves. In the second game this would happen with Dark Elves, High Elves, Vampire Pirates at one point, and in the Mortal Empires campaign Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarves, and Khemri. Which faction would be grossly dominant depended on who you played and whenever the developer got around to actually doing something about a problem faction. But inevitably there is always a faction that just becomes so large it makes the game tedious or trivial.
Auto resolve is almost always not in your favor even when facing trash armies of 20 empire spearmen vs 10 Skaven catapults so you will have to tediously fight every battle.
Units have very bad pathing to the point where games from the 90s retain better army and unit formation. Heros alone can carry a battle, which is just ridiculous.
Hard mode is just an AI with ridiculous upkeep and stat bonuses.
This game pretends to involve a lot of strategic choices and mechanics campaign wise, when in reality all these choices and stat bonuses are largely minimal and useless. Loyalty is hardly ever a problem even in races like skaven or dark elves. In the 800+ turns I played of skaven, dark elves, and Vampire Pirates, I only ever had one skaven army defect and it was trivial anyway since he had a trash army. You are given the choice between ransoming, killing, or enslaving an army after its defeat but in reality one choice is always the clear superior of the other two and you will almost always continue to pick that choice for the rest of the campaign. sometimes you pick between a set of scenarios for a magical item/ penalty but the magical item always sucks, and youre better off taking the gold. You can go out to look for islands and treasure, but the upkeep per army per turn is like anywhere from 1,400 to 3,500 for 1-3 armies. And assuming you get the max reward of 5-10k gold you will have spent 3-4 (low estimate) turns just to get to the island and back and by that point your reward is gone, and you probably have an army breathing down your back anyway. Its the same with searching ruins, you might get 500 gold for an army that has an upkeep of 2000/turn which took 4 turns to get there.
You can use your funds to perform in game rituals but the rituals rarely ever offer a benefit that’s actually meaningful. As skaven you can spend 3k gold to recruit a unit to slightly weaken a city. So what? I still have to fight the garrison which took no damage, and why would I do that when my catapults can do the same thing for FREE???? plus the special unit costs 350 per turn. Why on earth would I use him? He offers no benefit at all. Its like the developer is so afraid that you might be able to do something other than manually fight 10 armies of similar units over and over again so that you can finally smash a major city and slightly weaken the overall composition of the opposing faction. Which by the way is devastating to you if the AI manages to pull it off you might as well restart/reload because your major settlements will take something like 50+ turns to upgrade completely.
Ultimately the only real mechanic is fielding armies and cutting through the chaff so that you can raise some cities, and maybe get the AI to stop making stacks of perfect armies.

Okay I will talk about the game itself not about the Steam capitalism maximus thing.
I will compare this Total War to Rome 2 and Atila.
I try too keep it short, if I would go on and write down every point but well I get no payment for it X)

First things first.
Its basicly the same engine as in Total War Warhammer, so you pay 60€ for a game with not enough content to actually call itself a stand alone game (wait hold on dont rage here).
Why does it have not enough conten?
Okay we have new races and a new map, but its the same crap as before.
-No unit abilitys (like in the older Total War titels), with one or two exceptions.
-No cavaliry formations (whitch were essential)
-No unit upgrades instead of it you get two separeted units like speerman and speerman with shields WTF?
-Total missing of different fighting maps. I got sick to fight on one single map in a region.
-No room on the fighting maps they are too small compared to the size they used to be.
-City siges are a sad joke ( I will get later to this)
– Ai in every way (also later)
-Bugs everywhere if you play this game a bit longer what actually is the idea of Total War.
-Not enough buildings, the differences between races are not high enough compare dwarfs and the empire.
-After you figured out what pattern you should use its allways the same for every region there is no thinking and adjusting left its just build the same crap over and over.
-No food or anything else. In previous Total War you had food as a resource for your citys (basicly like the skaven).
So by removing it you just take away a whole building variety for all fractions.

City siges are a joke so why?
-First of all you fight the siges of ‘villages’ on the same stupid battle maps there is no village defens like it used to be.
-The city maps are all the same there are like only 2 different maps per region/race.
-The city sige maps are too small, you dont even know if you are siging a capital or a tier 3 maxed out city with 4 slots.
-Walls are not anymore a part of the city tier you have to build them extra WTF?
-Towers have a relitive endless range because the maps are small.
-The AI is too to use towers. You place your general inf ront with his 6k hp towers cant hit him because its a single unit and you can just shoot the towers with a single artirely…. nothing to say here.
-Stupid alpha wall trees. There are some small trees with a giant alpha wall around it. They tend to block the artirely shells and also the artirely so it cant shoot.

Dumb AI.
So the AI is too stupid to behave good on the campain map.
-It does not recute high tier units.
-Its has no building stratigy it builds random, sometime walls sometime no walls and so on.

Why does it do it? Well its simple cheats!
The AI get boosts in every aspect, gold relationships…..
It does not have to deal with any stratigic things yea well why because it has cheats. And with cheats you dont have to programm a good AI.

Artirely is bugged like hell, you just cant use it strait, I got so sick of it in the long campain I dont want to list it anymore.
Troops with all kind of ‘arrows’ are braindead. For example if two troops stand abit in each other they stop fire at all WHY GOD WHY?

As I was buying this game I thought they’ve learned and improved the things from the first game. Nothing like this did ever happened. Same bugs, Same lack of content everywhere. Unfinished races(they lack of units and stuff).
Compared to the old Total War games Starting from Shogun2 over ROme2 over Atila this thing is a joke.
They had awsome ideas this game could have been the perfect mixture between Warhammer and Total war but well, bringing out two hiped titels and making money is more important than the comunity. In my opinion someone had hired monkey at a certain point and they’ve messed up this game, before it was done 😉

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