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Orc Ai buff mod _waagh more often (Komm)

MOD Desc

AI orc will waagh more often

both the beastmen and the orc, because they are too weak.

1, they will waagh more often ____For ai only
(+3 towards fightiness per turn)

2, the waagh army is stronger _____For ai and player
(Waagh quality multiplier changed from 0.5 to 1 – Means when waagh forms, it will consist of higher quality units)

Nothing else, very simple mod

This may help orc to beat Dwarf.

Search ‘ Komm ‘ to see my other mods.

After finishing my first campaign I can say that this is still very much like the first game. No surprise really. This game however has been given a polish and detail that the first one lacked. I’ll be honest and say that most changes are very small but appreciated non the less.

The biggest change is obviously the Vortex campaign which I’m still not sure how I feel about. It’s a much more linear campaign compared to earlier Total War games. I’m not saying that’s good or bad. It all depends on what you like. But I appreciate CA’s atempt at fixing the late-games with this campaign and it kind of works. Though I believe that if you’re like me and thought that every late-game in previous Total War was a slow drag then this will still be a bit tedious in the end. But I still finished this one so I guess that says something.

There are some nice cutscenes for every faction now which is really nice seeing again but they’re mostly tied in to the story so I’m not too sure we’ll be seeing the same thing for future factions as they will not participate in the struggle for the Vortex. I hope I’m wrong though.

In it’s core it’s still very much Total War Warhammer and I’d be lying if I said that this is completely different and better in every way. But I enjoy the first game enough to spend some 250 hours in it which was enough for me to justifying buying this.

This is without a doubt the superior game of the two and a pretty good addition to the to be trillogy.

If you enjoyed the first game you’ll enjoy this game unless you absolutely hate the slightly more linear campaign. (Though a regular TW campaign will be coming in the combined map if you own the first game!)

If things like deplomacy bothered you in the first game then I’ll bother you here as well.

tl:dr If you liked the first game you’ll like this game. It’s a more polished and detailed game as a whole. If you didn’t like the first game then this is not the game for you.

Just a quick word on pricing. I’ve seen people complaining about the price a lot. ‘Full price for an expansion is too much.’ etc. As I see it it’s just like the first game except you get more and better content here. No one complain about the price on the first one so I don’t see why this game with more content should cost less.

Really looking forward to the new DLC, but please for the love of god make the next DLC bretonnia vs orcs and give both factions complete reworks as both desperately need them. Bretonnia should get 2 new legendary lords and the orcs 1 new legendary lord. I’d also say both factions should get 6 or 7 new units and the same number of regiments of renowned as come on the bretonnia rework was a joke that literally just took them from unplayable to playable and the orcs are so far behind by now its laughable. I will say that I am rather annoyed that lizardmen have had many reworks and the last two DLC packs have added 2 legendary lizardmen lords so in two DLC.s they have tripled their legendary lord count, there normal lord count and basically doubled their roster. While factions like bretonnia literally got nothing new except mechanics in their rework. Where are their new legendary lords, new heroes, new regiments of renowned and units. I mean seriously where are their long bowmen ? I mean its not like they dont have things they could add like foot squires with poleaxes / billhooks, pavise crossbowmen, different knightly orders, give them catapults and mangonels. Basically anything that was in a 12th century army could be included, sure not all of these were available in TT but that’s because they received little support after their release, but as we’ve seen with norsca who never had any models or even an army book at all, including things like these would be totally possible and doable and its about time bretonnia received the love it never got on the TT. Hopefully a developer sees this and takes these ideas on board and the next DLC will be an epic rework of bretonnia and orcs because that is the thing I think is missing most from this game a decent bretonnia and orcs. I would have added skaven to this list before its rework but honestly that rework fixed everything to the point I not only love playing them but am currently doing a dual skaven co op campaign. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a DO NOT MOVE BUTTON so we can use it on our artillery so they don’t randomly roll forward during sieges right into range of archers and towers as lord knows this annoys everyone. Just fix orcs and bretonnia like you did skaven and give us a button to stop artillery being stupid and I will be shouting just shut up and take my money.

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