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Public Order: Expanded [New Update: Emergent Events!]

MOD Desc
Warning: Increases early-game difficulty!
Please scroll down for the FAQ!
Save game compatible! Affects both the player and the AI!

Hello everyone, welcome to the last public order mod you’ll ever need for your campaigns!

Ever since Total War: Warhammer dropped, I felt that public order as a mechanic was very lackluster. Gone were the days of Empire: Total War, where you had to keep two categorizations of your population content. Excluding the High Elves, public order is only used to keep rebellions from spawning in your territory. Other than sporadically rolled campaign events, corruption creeping under and in your borders, and conquest, you as the player only need to have your public order trending in a positive direction to ignore rebellions entirely!

What this mod does (and will eventually do):
1) Adds campaign rewards / punishmments based on public order within the settlement.
Expand upon the High Elves public order mechanic to provide campaign effects depending on how happy / unhappy the settlement is. These effects are designed so that the bonuses are enough of a reward to seek out / punishments are enough of a detriment to avoid, while also not disrupting campaign difficulty significantly.

These bonuses / maluses for all races are:
a) Province tax rate
b) Province construction cost
c) Player army leadership in the province
d) Province unit recruitment cost
e) Movement range in the province
f) Faction-wide technology research rate
g) Province growth

2) Implements incursion armies as a domestic threat.
Once public order within a settlement drops into the negative, there will be a scaled random chance that a pseudo-rebellion army will spawn and try to take the province from you! Incursion armies are appropriately composed in unit fielding based on what period of the game you are in (early, middle, late) and can vary depending on:
a) Corruption levels (Inside and adjacent to the province)
b) Culture
c) Geography (Dwarf incursion armies with greater ratio of slayers if spawned around Karak Kadrin)

I recommend not letting public order drop so that you’ll suffer both an incursion army and a rebellion army!

3) Expands on re-emergent faction mechanics!
Are you sick of never seeing some factions on the game-board since you only see the AI blob in one color? Us too! Now if you or the AI destroy one of the following factions (Reikland, Karaz-a-Karak, Vampire Counts, Grimgor’s ‘ardboyz, Couronne, Lothern, Naggarond, Hexoatl, Skavenblight, Khemri, or The Dreadfleet) and take their city, then you’re in for a suprise! You’ll get some events in your feed over the course of several turns that will coalesce in the faction leader going for a double or nothing stake off for their capital back!

4) Tweaks existing conquest mechanics when occupying different climates. (ON THE HORIZON)
Do you think it’s weird that the AI is able to counteract uninhabitable climates? Does seeing Alarielle able to reasonably settle the Northern Chaos Wastes fill you with agita? This’ll fix it.

FAQ 1) Is this mod save compatible? What will happen if I subscribe to this mod mid-campaign?
Yes it is, as the mod does not touch the startpos.esf file. I do not recommend taking this mod out mid-campaign.

1a) Is this mod compatible with any mod that changes rebels, such as Cataph’s Less Rebel Rebels mod?

2) What is the mod not compatible with?
Incompatibility will arise with anything that messes with public order. Use it for multiplayer campaigns at your own risk, due to the way script mods function.

3) Well, what about the campaign overhaul I use? (Grimhammer, Lucky’s, Vox Populi, Radious, etc.)
Okay so the mod works with Grimhammer to an extent. I’ve gotten variable reports that either it works without a hitch, it causes other SFO submods to show as blank screens, etc. So experience may vary until an official submod is made (not high on the priority list as we want to finish the mod first). Otherwise, this probably doesn’t work with existing overhauls except Cataph’s CTT.

4) Wow I would like to support this mod but I can’t seem to find a patreon link.
You’ll find none of that here. If you want to support the team, we would highly appreciate giving the mod a rating and a favorite, instead. It helps improve the mod visibility so more people like yourself can find out about this mod.

This mod would not be possible without Ydok4, Vandy, DrunkFlamingo, JvJ or the other peeps in the C&C Modding Den. If you want to have a place to talk, joke around, and learn how to mod, here’s a link to join![]

Secondly, this mod was inspired by Happiness Matters by Zarkis.
Check out his mod here!

Thanks for reading!

Yes I only play on Legendary based around the CTT mod. In my case, I basically see all types of rebel factions appearing at the start of a new game, in particular Beastmen (I assume it must be some factions in the north having low PO, maybe kraka drak?), Dark Elves, High Elves, Vampire Counts (assuming it’s for Kemmler’s faction because of the untainted region by Marienburg belonging to his province), Lizardmen and Dwarfs. Some of them are sticking around for a very long time. It even got to a point where the main Dwarfs faction confederated the Dwarts rebels, see here (this was at turn 54): It’s not a big deal at all though, it’s fun with some unpredictability.I am using the mod ‘Cataph’s Less Rebel Rebels’ which I assume is already making the rebel stacks slighly easier to kill with less elite units etc but it seems for some AI factions it’s still a problem.As for the rebel faction names, that’s a perfectly fine explanation, thanks!

Alright so I’ve played two more campaigns to 80ish turns (Clan Eshin and Repanse). Starting out already saw a lot of improvements with the incursion spawns. Incursions were an actual threat to some of my settlements since the garrison wasn’t able to just crush them alone and this remained the case almost the entire time so props on that.I also noticed that I rarely had proper rebels from -100 PO actually pop. Seems like the bonus PO you get from the event after defeating the incursion stalls rebellions from happening enough to refresh the incursion cooldown. By that time PO will be low again and spawn another incursion, which if you are on top of can defeat and repeat the same process without getting rebels.I only ever had rebels + incursions on a few instances where my army was weak or I couldn’t get to the incursion and those were really fun to deal with. Might want to consider lowering the bonus PO you get from defeating the incursion to make this happen more often.

While I love the idea of developing the public order mechanic, I don’t see logic behind some of the tweaks you have done. Sorry. Why is there for example lower local recruitment cost when the populace hates you and the province is about to rebel? And higher recruitment cost and a penalty to growth when they are happy? Should it not be the opposite? If people are unhappy with your rule and are perhaps struggling to survive through hardship and banditry, will they not migrate from the province and perhaps also die in higher numbers due to crime, raiding etc.? And be more reluctant to join your army as they dislike you? While if they like you and are happy, they will join you in greater numbers from pure patriotism or love for their great leader (lower recruitment cost)? Think of the huge amounts of volunteers who joined their respective nations’ armies at the beginning of WW1 and WW2, and also the baby boom that followed the wars as people believed in a better future.

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