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Tomb Barque

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If it ain’t Barque, don’t fix it
This mod adds a Tomb Barque unit and Tomb Barque mount to the Tomb Kings.

Description Tomb Barques are recruitable at tier 3 ports for all Tomb King factions. They have two auras, one provides a ward save to all nearby units, and the other a damage-over-time effect to enemy units. Technologies and Lord skills apply to Tomb Barques. They are generally improved alongside chariots, but check tooltips for details.

Liche Priests can get Tomb Barques as mounts at level 14.

Compatibility and Sub Mods

Credit and Attribution The ship model was created by Creative Assembly (it’s the Tomb King’s campaign ship). Additional modelling, texturing, and animation work was done by ChaosRobie.

The unit’s abilities were inspired by Mathias Eliasson’s Warhammer Armies Project.

Special thanks to phazer for his wonderful RMEditor tool, Mixu for the campaign map animation, and the entire C&C Modding Den for feedback and support.

Something like the Tomb Barque is briefly mentioned in the Warhammer Armies: Tomb Kings 8th Edition. Mathias Eliasson elaborated on this mention in the Warhammer Armies Project’s unofficial version of Warhammer: Tomb King 8th Edition.

Contact I’m usually on the C&C Modding Discord[]. You can ask questions there. Also feel free to DM me (ChaosRobie#1489).

Patreon I have a patreon:

A decent game concept ruined by the same behavioral issues that have plagued Creative Assembly for most of their existence, Denuvo-related functionality problems and an extremely predatory DLC policy.

Denuvo slows down the game, hogs memory and disk speed and seems to engage writing functions on your storage device repeatedly, which is unhealthy for SSDs and basically means that developers/publishers that decide to use it are directly harming the PCs of people who buy their products.

The way that DLC works means that if you don’t buy it your campaigns are crippled, you can’t confederate factions whose DLC you don’t own which bricks diplomacy and gameplay and forces you into diplomatic situations that ruin your campaign with other friendly factions.

Additionally, the diplomacy system in this game is just as broken and counterintuitive as it has been in all Total Wars since at least Shogun 2.

Honestly after two decades of playing their games I can say that Creative Assembly as a developer is very lazy, they do not put in strong effort to make a quality product or even fix the issues and bugs in their game and DLC content, and they wield DLC like a weapon to damage the experience of players who do not buy it. I advise trying this game, but doing so at a very steep discount as it is absolutely not worth the full price they demand considering how many issues it has and how abusive their DLC policy is.

500+ hours into the game and I’m still very addicted. If life was fair, I’d be around 2000 hours in but unfortunately I have to adult every once in a while.

The game is amazeballs. The communitie’s mods are even more amazing. This game allows you to have fun for 10 hours a day to even 1 hour.

From having played other TW series such as Shogun and Rome etc, I often thought I wonder if there’s a mod to bring like undead in or magic. This game does just that. Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2 are freaking great at bringing Games Workshop magic to life. Although, I’ll admit, I had to download small mods to make the game better, the vanilla version is a great piece of work.

A lot of people who bad rate this game are probably fans of the historic series of games in Total War but if 3 headed hydras, zombies, sexy sexy dark elves or wood hippies is your sort of thing then this is a fantastic way to spend your life, I mean day…

Unfortunately there isn’t ways to blockade ports and trade or fight naval battles but the land battles of Warhammer are epic. I would recommend the Blood for the Blood God DLC for increased gore – nothing like seeing soldiers having their heads bitten off by a monsterous troll.

Last night, I had an epic seige of a Lizardman’s city. Breached the walls and rushed in – mass slaughter errupted – both sides. I think I won with like 40 troops remaining.

Seriously, give it a go.

Great game and a better (/beardier) community.
It’s a surprisingly fun casual game as well. I would suggest watching some of LionheartX’s videos on YouTube to learn the basics of the game though. Total War has a real tutorial problem.
(Also checkout Turin’s multiplayer channel.)

As a critic of Total War I would say that the Warhammer series is where to start with Total War and are a fantastic choice for anyone who likes Heroes of Might and Magic or Civilization and also Starcraft.
I say Starcraft because you can both enjoy a casual romp through the campaign and double down on mechanics and micro.

Fair warning, the mechanical details of the game are only available on forums and through testing yourself in custom battles (which are very easy to setup).
Creative assembly has many issues as a developer but you have to remind yourself that there might be a reason that they’re the only name in the genre and that they *have* given the community the tools to fill the gaps.

The modding community is great but I’d suggest exercising caution with AI and overhaul mods as there are a lot of hacks in the way Creative Assembly balances the progression in the campaign and it’s very difficult for modders to rebalance in a timely fashion in respsonse to new DLCs. I suspect there will be a golden age of modding after the game is complete, similar to how Skyrim mods stabilised after the game stopped being patched.

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