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+400% More Ammunitions for Ranged and Artillery units (Player Only) – CAMPAIGN ONLY

MOD Desc
~ UPDATED for ‘The Warden & the Paunch’ DLC ~

+400% More Ammunitions for Ranged and Artillery units (Player Only) (Radious and Steel Faith Overhaul compatible)

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Hi everyone,
This mod will give your beloved troop 400% more ammunitions to unleash their fury. This will apply to all your ranged and artillery units.
WARNING: this mod will work in campaign mod only (no custom battles)


Could you make a +100% version, or even 200%? Default ammo values are kinda small but this goes straight into infinite ammo territory.

does anyone have a guide where i can change from 400 to 200 ?I tried to change using PFM I changed the numbers but it still carries 400%

This is one of my ‘essential’ mods at this point! Appreciate an update when you can get to it!

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