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Death Spasm – New Spell for Morathi

MOD Desc
This adds another new spell for Morathi as an ability – Death Spasm. Two uses per battle.

It’s Lore friendly, straight from the Dhar handbook. It’s really fun to use, watch the video and try it out to see!

It works just fine with my other spell for Morathi- Arni’s Horror.

She gets it at level 5. Have fun!

Well, having been played nearly 200 hours in WH1 and 110 hrs+ in WH2, I would like to share some of my experience with the general gaming community.

Experience in WH1:
First of all, why would I mentioned the game in first title of the trilogy? Well, it’s because the map in WH1 was stitched into WH2 under the massive campaign called Mortal Empire (ME).
My initial experience in WH1 was great as I was pumped to be exposed to the warhammer world which I have never even heard of. I was amazed with all the sieges, underpass, field battles, cavalry charges and so on. But after like 50+ hrs, things get boring after you have tried most of the races and there seems to be nothing new anymore. The event triggered gets pretty routine and predicted, the game wasn’t dynamic at all. But still it is a decent game.
Don’t get me wrong though, I still hate Creative Assembly for charging us the fee on the Blood and Gore graphic effects.

Experience in WH2:
Man the vortex campaign, that was exciting. Four major races clashing together to control the god damn whirling vortex on a continent called Ulthuan. I was so excited that I even get my graphic card upgraded from gtx 950 to gtx 1070 to fully enjoy the ultra graphic settings.
The event was unpredicted, traits on lords and heroes gained are based on actions taken, the ocean is not dull anymore when its fill with treasures and attrition as well (except that there is still no naval battle, meh). Each continents where the 4 major races rest has its unique weather and terrain effect.
Though that I am more than happier in WH2 than WH1, it is not without any cons. The capitals model is not distinct enough, for example, the two legendary lords starting capital on the similar race looks the same. There is not much challenge after you completed the vortex, the buffs are just too epic. I also dislike the fact that I can’t have the legendary lords of the race you confederate with, which is a massive meh for me.

Mortal Empires:
Now this is the craziest stuff I have ever heard of. The idea was brilliant the game studio combine the map from the first and second title of the game. I will not discredit CA just because they have some bugs here and there. I mean come on guys, they gave you the extra campaign to spend another hundreds of gaming experience here for free. They could have just walked away after the vortex campaign and move on to the third title of the trilogy, or even get you to put in some bucks for the extra features. If you don’t get what I mean, just head back to WH1.

I can’t complain.
Overall, well done CA.

Very good game, turn based, with (pausable) real time battles. All your favourite Warhammer races are available (for a hefty price, half the base game cost per DLC faction) complete with magics, beasties and all with a generous helping of actual strategy.

I’ve only played single-player so all comments here relate to that, but there is a healthy multiplayer community, both head to head and coop. (Which is great to see, coop multiplayer is rarer and better IMO).

Longevity through varied factions (at a price).
If you owned the first game you get a ‘free’ DLC to add in the full Warhammer map to play on. ‘Free’ because if you didn’t own the first one, you need to buy it to use the complete map.

If any of this is sounding good, buy it. (On sale) Because it is good.

My cons:
– Expense. Lordy! Buy only on sale my friends. On sale base game is around £14, and DLC is around £8, making the game, the full map and a faction you want to play up to £31. Which is what I would expect to pay for a game of this standard.
Not on sale the same package is over twice as much. Avoid!

– Length. Once you hit around turn 120, generally, you’ve won. Its just a case of crusading your 4 full armies of invulnerable-auto-battle around to complete the quest the game gives as victory conditions. (Disclaimer: Not true of all DLC factions, Beastmen are almost crippling limited in the number of units they can field making the game much slower as you have to pick your targets very carefully. May be true of other DLC factions).

– Lacklustre events. I love the events, they add flavour, but there are several events in game that really talk up a big game, and really disappoint. Chaos pouring from the wastes to bring doom to the lands of man!! …hit like a wet noodle. Even the AI dispatches them in about 10 rounds like shrugging off a hangover, yet it warns you about this everywhere on the map. There I am in Bretonnia, wondering if I should send help to the empire, before I even get an army through the pass, the chaos are a bug splat on the steam tank.

Overall a very worthy game for strategy fans, and the PvP rates highly also so I am told, tho no pausing during that 😉
Pick it up on sale, and avoid like the Poison Globadiers the rest of the time.


After becoming my most played game I must say I am a strong advocate of this game. I would still recommend picking up the DLC on sale, but each is a good quality addition of content. Many bring refreshing gameplay styles that make the game feel like new and with such a large map the setting doesnt get dull.

I LOVE this game, everything you loved from the first Total Warhammer and more. I love the races/classes etc (except for some elements of the Skaven which i will explain later). I am so looking forward to the mortal empire free DLC, cant wait.The only issue if I had to point one out is the auto resolve of the skaven seems way off. I have played every campaign and the only one I struggled with was the skaven one, because number one the autoresolve seems a bit under estimated for Skaven, like if you play the battle yourself you can win most that will lose if you autoresolve. The other thing about Skaven is the food which is not too much of an issue but could use some small adjustments and I wouldnt mind, like maybe more food production or w/e. I have noticed while skaven have some cheap soldiers it is really expensive to have the number of skaven armies I feel you need to expand. Early game I was broke and going negative just trying to support the troops necessary to protect my land and expand slowly. But overall the game is great and it could just be I need to be better at playing skaven. The vortex is fun but can be annoying at times when you have a big empire and are trying to do the third ritual it is hard to have good placements because of the ‘random’ spawn of chaos etc, they seem to spawn them wherever you do not have an army so they can do the most damage before you get there to stop them, and I would save and check their spawns and then load to try to prepare sometimes ( I know some may look down on that) but it was what made it easiest for me to be able to prepare and have minimal losses and I did not always do that, just sometimes, but even doing that it often doesnt help because like I said they just spawn wherever you arent, so lets say you hit begin ritual and see where they are, then load and move troops, they just spawn somewhere esle opposite of where you moved your army too, which in a way rewards turtling more then it does expansion. But even with those some ‘issues’ if you could call them that I definitely recommend the game and I plan to put a ton more hours into this game since I am enjoying every minute of it. A must own game for any Total War or Warhammer fan! Also Can’t wait for the great DLC to come! I wish they would give us a new starting race soon, but that said when they release Mortal Empire in a couple weeks I will be tied up with that for a while anyway. I will definitely be buying all the DLC they release for this since they decided to give the best DLC for free and make such an amazing game I have no issue with paying for more content like new starting races. BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!! You wont regret it.

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