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Sartosa: Pirate Expansion – SFO

MOD Desc
(UPDATE 11/5/19 – Have made it so you can recruit the new units from ship buildings. That way, if you are out at sea or in foreign territory, you can recruit the units. I did this so you don’t feel as if you have to dock at port to recruit them, or spend unnecessary turns/gold to recruit them globally)

This is a unit pack that expands upon the Pirates of Sartosa roster. It adds 10 units from parrots to exploding pigs. Really adds some much needed flavor to the faction, and NOW you can play with these awesome units in SFO!

Thanks again always to Flamboyant Scheme, and the C&C discord bunch – they have helped me learn to mod, and every mod that I create is thanks to them.

If you have any balancing worries, or you think I’ve missed something: I always read the feedback. I always stay on top of my mods. You will never be attacked for questioning my thought process. I’ll try an explain it to you, if you do 🙂

Also, if you want to add even more to the Sartosan faction, making it feel like the faction it should have always been, then sub to Nanu’s Sartosan Overhaul. It adds new living units, no lords and heroes. It’s really good, and I highly recommend it:
(Also as if right now, 11/7/2019, it is compatible with this – my mod lol. So, have both 🙂 Enjoy the much needed flavor to the Sartosan campaign)

Also, if you want to play some Dawi in the Desert, might I direct you to this mod:

Alone, i find the game boring and at times durring battles with huge armys a little overwhelming, the totorial doesnt teach you enough quickly enought in my opnion. But over the last week i have been having a complete and total blast with this game due to one thing, playing it with someone changes the whole gameplay, and its for the better. Nowdays i tend to find myself, in a way naging some of my friends to play the game becuse its insanely more fun with other people. The battles are also fantastic to watch with your troops and monsters fighting. being able to watch other users battles makes the game so much more fun and having the ablity to gift troops to friends in my own battles so i am not as overwelmed and flusted really changed the game for me.
I would recomend this game for anyone who likes stratagy or like me, just enjoys a game where you can have fun and work together with a friend. my only issue atm is that the co-op campain is only two player, i think having 3-4 people playing the campain would make it more intresting and fun.

Okay, let’s be honest. What we’ve got here is not Total War: Warhammer II, it’s just a reskin of the first game. It’s the exact same engine, the exact same framework, the exact same everything as the first one. It might as well be DLC. If you like dwarves and orcs, then buy Total War: Warhammer. If you like elves and skaven, buy this one.

I will say that the adviser in this one is absolutely maddening. He’s as bad as Clippy and you can’t turn him off, you can only reduce the frequency of his interruptions. He disrupts combat at the absolute worst times, moves your camera around, points out every control on the screen right in the middle of combat, talks even when you set him to text-only. It’s infuriating. I’m sure he’s very helpful for new players, but as I said, this is the exact same game as the first one, so if you played that, there’s absolutely nothing new to learn here.

I played this while it was free-to-play, but I haven’t bought it yet. I’ll buy it when it’s >75% off and then look for a mod that disables the adviser.

Total War : Warhammer 2

After putting 492 hours into Total War : Warhammer, i can safely say that TW:W is not only the best total war game, but that it also is becomming every Warhammer Fantasy fan his ‘wet dream’. This is the BEST warhammer game franchise on the market.

The races are really well implemented.
The lore is shown trough amazing new starting scenes.
The battles feel like Warhammer
The units look like figures come to life.
The new world looks PERFECT.

Graphics are great.
Gameplay feels (just like the first game) flued.
As its predecessor, TW:W2 shines with the races, how they play, and how you play them.
The amount of content is (again) outstanding.

I can NOT wait for the combined map, for the quick/online battles with the old world races.
CA has done an outstanding job with this franchise.

As i said, this is a warhammer fantasy fan’s wet dream. GET IT.
Enjoy the game !

‘Skaven? Rats on two legs? heresy !!!!’

Sorry for the bad english.

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