best used against single entities such as enemy characters & monsters (bonus vs large?)Exiled Noble: Melee/magic hybrid (no more ranged)

[Updated] Cult of Pleasure – Slaanesh Overhaul

MOD Desc
Updated for The Shadow & The Blade!

The mod is a loose adaption of the Cult of Slaanesh army list from the 6th edition Storm of Chaos campaign. It expands upon the Chaos aspect of the Cult of Pleasure faction and adds several features.

Features – Morathi’s skill tree reworked
– New heroes (2 unique heroes are ME campaign only)
– Mix of Chaos, Norsca and Dark Elf cultist unit roster
– Modified Public Order mechanic, depending heavily on Chaos corruption
– New landmarks on Albion

Check out this Submod for an additional unique lord and Ghrond in your possession when starting the campaign!
Background Since Malekith prepares his invasion of Ulthuan, he banished Morathi to the Ancient City of Quintex to reduce her influence over the nobility of Naggaroth. The Hag Sorceress welcomes this chance to reestablish her Cult of Pleasure. Though the Hag Queens believed they had suppressed it for years, this was merely an illusion, and the growth of the Cult dramatic. With a new base of power far from the Witch King’s prying eyes, many heretics return from exile to flock to Morathi’s banner.

Modified Public Order I’ve created an effect where public order now depends more heavily on corruption. It’s applied via the Cult of Pleasure chain, replacing most of the original public order bonus (some remains for now). There is also a faction wide effect providing up to +5 public order at 100% corruption.

I need some feedback about the balance on this, especially regarding difficulty settings. It seemed to work on hard difficulty, but very hard or legendary might not feel balanced.

New Units Heroes
– Anointed of Slaanesh
A hybrid melee-caster hero with a chaos inspired skill tree, able to ride Dark Steeds, Barded Chaos Steeds and Chaos Dragons. Statwise closer to a lord than a hero, but I feel it’s fine since they are lords in the source material (but can’t lead armies).

Two different uniqiue variants are spawned via script for the Mortal Empires campaign, they are not recruitable afterwards. They are not (yet?) part of the Vortex campaign. One starts near the Palace of Princes, the other on Albion.

– Marauder Champion
A pretty basic melee hero with a Chaos theme. Can gain Chaos Armour as an item, changing his model to a heavily armoured version. Shares the hero limit with the Master.

– Fimir Balefiends
Same as the Norsca version, but with the Death Hag’s campaign skills to spread corruption. They are unlocked via a skill from either the Anointed (ME) or Morathi (Vortex) and can also be locally recruited from a new landmark on Albion (Citadel of Lead).

– Marauders (all basic variants)
– Devoted of Slaanesh (replace Witch Elves)
– Sisters of Slaanesh (replace Sisters of Slaughter)
– Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh

– Doomfire Warlocks with the Mark of Slaanesh
– Chaos Knights of Slaanesh
– Princes of Slaanesh (RoR from a building, limit 1)

Monsters & Beasts
– Warhounds (only basic variant)
– Chaos Furies (small Manticores in a unit, based on the Tomb Kings’ Carrions)
– Chaos Spawns
– Chaos Dragon
– Fimir Warriors (RoR from a building, limit 1)

– Death Hags
– Cold One Chariot
– Witch Elves
– Sisters of Slaughter
– Executioners

Thanks a lot to ‘morfeasnikos’ for the custom unit cards, all credits go to him!

Buildings Changed buildings
– Cult of Pleasure chain
Effectively a new building (so won’t be compatible with other mods adding units to the chain), which had to be done to remove the Death Hag from the roster and implement my public order changes.

– Cold One chain
Now gives +2/4 xp to Masters upon recruitment

– Altar of Ultimate Darkness (landmark)
+5 Chaos corruption

New buildings
– Chaos Barracks
Advanced military building with 5 tiers to recruit Marauders and Chaos Warriors.

– Marauder Garrison (Norsca only)
Replaced the garrison building for Norscan regions with a Marauder themed one.

– Losteriksson’s Great Hall (Skeggi)

– Konquata, the newest temple-city (Albion)
New landmark, available for all Dark Elves (sorry lizards). Gives a huge income bonus and adds walls to the settlement.

– Citadel of Lead (Cult of Pleasure only)
New landmark, also on Albion. Fortifies the region with walls and gives bonuses to corruption and movement range within the province.

Removed buildings
– Dark Elf Norsca garrison
– Assassin/Executioner chain (Assassins can be recruited via a new skill from Morathi)
– Original Cult of Pleasure building

Campaign start script (Mortal Empires only) – Morathi’s starting units are changed
– Anointed of Slaanesh heroes are spawned (one in Aghol territory & one on Albion)

Changes from the last version Replaced the Aspiring Champion spy with the Marauder Champion and removed the Noble due to redundancy. The Anointed is now a hero (again), which I feel fits best with Morathi’s already existing effects and buffs to heroes.

No more changes to the tech tree and army skill line. I have added the units to the Dark Elf unit groups, indicated by a tooltip which shows their unit set (e.g. Marauders use the Corsair’s unit set, Devoted the Witch Elves’ and Chaos Warriors the Executioners’). It was more thematic before, but it’s really a pain to make edits once you change something with the units. It’s on hold until the unit roster is final.

I disabled the influence mechanic due to being poorly implemented. I might rework it in the future.

The overall number of features was reduced to make maintenance easier, but also because it complicated many things to an unnecessary degree (like adding custom units for already existing ones, just to unlock them later anyway).

Plans for the future I’m waiting for WH3 to properly finish the faction with demonic units. All my attempts so far didn’t really feel satisfying.

Compatibilty I did not edit the startpos.esf file! All additions to the campaign map are done via scripts.

I created a new military group, so any custom units need to be added before they show up in campaign! If they are added via the units_to_exclusive_faction_permissions_tables, it can still work but the buildings required might be removed.

There shouldn’t be any other glaring compatibility issues, since I didn’t change any vanilla tables but please let me know if you encounter any.

Known Issues
It’s still possible to gain Death Hags through confederation, but they might not work properly. I recommend to disband them if problems occur (I had one that behaved like a normal unit without skill tree).

Same as above applies to heroes gained through campaign events.

Some descriptions might be out of place or refer to things from past versions. Since I mostly used the original building descriptions, some do not fit the Chaos theme and still refer to Khaine etc..


Check out my Workshop for more mods, too! (most are not updated for the latest patch, but several still work anyway)
Since I can no longer support a number of mods, please let me know if anyone wants to continue some of them.

I plan to rework the lords and heroes to make each more unique and improve on the faction identity.Aspiring Champion: Melee specialist

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