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Creatures of Nurgle

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Custom Battle
Chaos Campaign (thanks to Dead)

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Poxbringer (Herald of Nurgle)
Abcellyoth (True Herald of Nurgle) (Cap: 1 x Army

*Edit: People are review bombing the game because they wanted women removed from the game. and the community manager said this.

Her comment is the very last one. now you’ll see a lot of reviews saying staff are rude, or they’re SJWs or they’re shoving feminist ideology down peoples throats.

Those people are morons. the game is great, and if you don’t like something you can actually mod it out, or mod it in.*

Stellar game. Lots of depth to it.

Doesn’t have all the units from the tabletop game but it has enough to make every faction worth playing, the faction, unit and building diversity is amazing.

People keep complaining about bugs, however I have had a bug free experience except for one bug which wasn’t even that detrimental.

There are many modding options for the game however keep in mind you may have mod conflicts or mods that cause bugs within the games code.

Patches are currently released everytime new DLC is released, it’s an unusual practice, but not one I mind. (YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY THE DLC TO GET THE PATCH, THEY JUST RELEASE AT THE SAME TIME.) apologies for the caps but some people aren’t very good at getting that point.

There is a lot of DLC which can be costly, but just wait until the there is a sale, you can get the first games DLCs for $3-7

If anyone is wondering why there are so many DLCs it’s because they’re adding new factions to the game after it’s released. The great part is that all the DLC you buy in Game one is usable in Game 2, and the DLC from one and two will be usable in 3. which is rather nice. It does end up being costly if you don’t buy during sales or you buy them at launch. If you don’t like certain factions, don’t buy the DLC for them. I like all the factions so I’ll be getting them all eventually.

All in all, a great game, honestly the biggest downside I see for the game is the amount of idiots and trolls in the forums.

I’ve played Civ and Civ-likes, but found the battles between armies lacking.
I’ve played many RTS’s, but didn’t feel like I was really involved in the political struggle.

Now, mind you this is my cherry pop into Total War. And it was a death metal, razor blades, and boiling candle wax kind of prom night.

I’m juggling army compositions, trying to keep up trade relations, making alliances, hunting down rebels, treasure hunting, influencing relationships between other factions, eyeballing my next imperialist expansion, and the damned list goes on.

And what factions you ask? Emo Elves, haughty elves, Ratmen, Lizard guys, Roided vikings, fantasy England, armies of heavy metal album art, orc soccer hooligans, and Dwarves who always have an ax to grind.

Mind you right now you only get to be one of the first 4 choices right now, but slow down baby there’s still a lot of content to learn just in those options right now.

Now so far I’ve only talked about the heavenly screen where we’re handling the politics, but the battles are straight up the most ulcer inducing moments in my gaming history.

The battles are intense. Like the house is burning down around you but you don’t care because you’ve got demon dogs circling around trying to flank your archers, and you’re biting your nails to see if your spearmen can change formation in time to intercept. You’re balancing your attention between your dragons taking milk money from the enemy hero and his retinue of battleaxe badasses, and making sure to use your own hero’s abilities to keep your front-line steady while they’re being pounded like it’s the aforementioned prom night.

I’m in love with this game right now. I’ve got the attention span of a dog surrounded by tennis balls when it comes to most games, but as of right now I can’t think of playing anything else.

In the off chance that Sega or Creative Assembly ever read this review I have this to say.
‘Do you want all my money? If so make a Total War 40k and I’ll sell my firstborn for a copy.’

Are you new to the Total War franchise, and wondering if you should pick this title up? Take it from someone introduced to the series at Shogun 2. WH 2 is the best work CA has produced since their last WH game.

WH 2 is an interesting continuation to CA’s Warhammer trilogy, Creative new factions, new campaigns, and exciting future content expansions give what’s here a wealth of content. I’ve completed 2 Vortex campaigns so far and can spot the different playstyles each race holds. Each comes with their own strengths/weaknesses, and the detailed unit types makes players realize they are fighting foreign invaders, with different attributes and goals. WH2 feels more unique than any other TW game before it.

Though, personally, I’m not a fan of the Vortex campaign. I love the narrative angle they were clearly attempting to give this campaign. The problem is conquest is tossed to the side here: defending your territory will benefit you more than expanding your empire’s domain. I lost my initial DE playthrough because I was just barely behind the Skaven rituals, as I was focused on conquering half of the map. For my second playthrough, I only conquered enough territory to support my three ritual sites. And guess what? I ended up winning, even though I was nowhere near the most powerful faction on the board. If CA gives WH3 a narrative campaign, I hope they factor conquest more into progression. It gels much more with the gameplay of TW games.

But that’s where Mortal Empires comes in! This combines WH 1 & 2 into a massive map, featuring every single faction released for each game. There isn’t a narrative to follow here. You’re just told to conquer the known world with your forces by any means necessary. It’s great. It’s what I love about TW games, keeping the core focus of its mechanics on a massive scale.

This game is absolutely worth the investment. If you’re interested in diving in, check this game out. Play the Mortal Empires campaign. That’s the meaty part that I see myself continuing to play down the road, Until WH 3 is released 🙂

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