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Snipers of the Empire (Reworked)

MOD Desc
A new units ‘The long rifle of the Empire’
This remote unit is effective against long ranged wide and is ideal for harassing long distance enemies.


Une nouvelle unités ‘ The long rifle of the Empire ‘
cette unité a distance est efficace contre les large a longue porté et est idéales pour harceler les ennemis a longue distance.

I liked Warhammer 1 but I love this game. It’s incredible. Biggest , baddest Warhammer wargame I’ve ever played. NOT only that….you can mod the crap out of it. Hell yes I recommend it. 1 and 2 to get to MORTAL EMPIRES…..The High Elves, at first I thought , 4 factions? That’s nothing, but I was wrong….this takes Warhammer to a whole new level. I can’t even play it on ultra settings but my rig runs it fine and it still looks great. I have the textures maxed out, Anti-aliasing shut off and everything else is on high or medium but it looks and plays great. But I can’t help but wonder , someday when I can afford a 1080 , maybe a faster CPU a new mobo, DDR4 high speed memory, ( basically when I can build a new computer…lol) …crank everything to ultra…what then? Take if from 10 out of 10 to a 12?

Great game, but just can’t recommend it because it unplayable without an anti-cheat mod for the AI.
The game just full on cheats continuously and it makes it so incredibly boring. Get a guy down to his last holdout, he will 24/7 send Lord stacks at your cities non-stop. Kill the Legendary Lord, a turn later he’ll be back with a full stack and some of the turn 9-10 garrison’s are unwinnable. As VCs if you go for Castle Drakenford, he will have units it is impossible for you to have at turn 9 as the basic garrison…

Coming from Medieval 2, the changes to the engine, graphics, skins, the character skill trees. All amazing.
The cheating, just stupid.
Shouldn’t need a mod to fix a dumb gameplay mechanic and I’ll be looking specifically for how badly the AI cheats before purchasing 3…

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