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Battle Lod Remover (SFO SubMod)

MOD Desc

This submod removes the ugly lod appearance on SFO’s custom 3d models.

What does LOD mean ? To simplify, LOD is a technique used in games to reduce details on object when they are displayed far from the player’s view to increase overall performances. It means that the farther away the objects are, the less detailed they will become.
In Warhammer 2, LOD models look really bad and appear really close from the view. So by removing LOD, units in the game will look way better and the immersion will be increased.

This submod needs my main Battle Lod Remover mod to fully work as expected :

I love Warhammer and own the first Total War Warhammer game, I rated that one with non recommended even tho I own it and all the DLCs just because the price an DLC policy and this game is the same, I won’t rate this game as non recommended because I really enjoy playing this game but be aware of the high cost game this one is, abbusive DLC policy.

Aside from that, Buy this game in sales if you can wait and just the DLCs of factions you really like (I bought all of the previous game and ended just playing the ones I like the most that are Norsca, Vampire Counts, Chaos and Beastmen so all the others DLCs I could skip them but I’m a bit o completionist and did that stupid thing, don’t do the same)

Enjoy this game but with brain 🙂

I am totally disapointed, the game, graphism and tactics are great, but I am trap within the game itself. I mean it’s okey to pay for having all factions, it’s ok to pay the first game to have the dwarve, but what you really got ? I am trap with the vortex campaign and that’s it !!! There are billions of stories, mode campaign, objective, to be done with this great game, but nothing, just play this stupid Vortex campaign and repeat always the same wars against the same ennemies…. and the puzzles are really a joke ! It’s Totally boring. The game and mechanics are really great, I insist, but please improve the variety of story mode ! The game’ss called total war, but if I want to do one, i must pay the first game ! Reeally ? Totally stupid !

Issues with logitech mouse driver (apparently) making battles almost unplayable. (right click dragging units into formations very frequently fails and they end up somewhere in the vicinity with a different orientation and number of lines)

Horrible performance despite looking worse than the years older Rome II.

City building dumbed down.

AI is stupid, but cheats to get ahead.

Battles more about using special abilities than directing armies and watching your plan unfold (the way Total War battles used to feel).

Need the previous full price installment to unlock most races, basically not a standalone game. Then there’s a ton of DLCs on top of that. Even one for unlocking bloody blood for crying out loud.

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