'I find cheap ass strong units get spammed a lot making the game way too easy'. As for upkeep anywhere between 125-250 per turn would be fair depending on the unit of course

Rise of the Dragon Corps

MOD Desc
Hello everyone,
welcome to this mod page.


Formal information
Please make sure to read the following mod description and the informations below before you ask questions or request updates etc.
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Even if you don’t like the mod you are welcome to give your constructive feedback.


This is my personal interpretation of an imperial elite corps.

The Dragon Corps is not part of the Warhammer lore so it have to write their own lore with your help.
Are you willing to let the Corpsmen march against your enemies? Yes? Ok then recruit and lead them with GLORY and HONOR and they will fight with LOYALTY till VICTORY.

There are several units added by this pack and if I have to classify them I would rate them as elite units.
The current Dragon Corps count 14 different units most of them are male but there are female units too.
Within the Corps there are different kind of units most of them are infantry units like swords- and spearmen in several variations but there are also cavarly (horse and demigryphs), ranged infantry (crossbows, gunners), flying mosters/cavarly (gryphons and a dragon [obviously xD]) and an artillery unit (corps cannons).

To recruit these units you only need to build the ‘Headquarters of the Corps’ or the ‘Expeditionquarters of the Corps’, a building that should be available to build depending on the faction you choose (Empire Reikland or Empire Huntmarshal [city needs to be level 4 or higher]).
The building may appear for other factions too but the units itself are locked to the mentioned factions.


If you want that the Dragon Corps were lead by ‘Corps-lore-friendly’ leaders:
Current unit cap is not designed for four lords. I will fix this asap.


If you experience a problem, issue or other things like that please leave a comment in the ‘Compatibility’ discussion.

Please before you request an update (because of changed game version/new patches etc.) make sure that my mod is really not working anymore or causing a crash.
The vanilla game launcher marks a mod as outdated as soon as the game version is changed – a changed game version might be not campatible with a mod anymore but most times it’s nothing but a outdated mark.
If you have troubles with that simply use the mod manager linked below.

Kaedrin’s Mod Manager

All mods that I created and all these which may be created by me are free and will be free for all time.
But complex or big mods mean many of hours spent modding!
If you want to show your appreciation or have the feeling that you want to give me something back, a small donation is always welcome.

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You are not allowed to use any of this content without my permission!

If you are a modder and want to make a SFO version please contact me.

These guys are pretty elite units and the purchase cost is a one time cost so i'm fine with that staying the same

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