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Griffon Colour Variations

MOD Desc
A graphical reskin of Imperial Griffons, giving them a variety of colours.

No Longer Being Updated / Permission to use this Mod I’ve moved on from Total War: Warhammer, and so I will no longer be updating this mod. If anybody would like to use a part of this mod, or take it over completely and continue expanding it, please feel free to do so. Just remember to leave a credit to this original if you post it publicly. Happy modding!

Features & Notes In addition to the base brown colour, Imperial Griffons can now be coloured white, and a black & red combination.

I did not include the Amber Griffon, because from what I understand, the Amber Griffon is ridden exclusively by the Amber Wizards.
This mod has room for two more variations.

Please Read (FAQ) – I make mods for my own enjoyment and I am still a beginner at modding. While I’m open to suggestions, some things are beyond what I can do, and others I have no interest in doing.
– I don’t make standalone mods that mean splitting the mods into separate parts; they’re just too much of a pain to do.
– I try to make my mods compatible with most others, but I don’t test them for compatibility. So, I have no idea if any of them are compatible with any particular mods.
– I don’t use SFO and I have no idea if any of my mods are compatible with it, nor do I intend to make them so. If one of the SFO creators wants to use any of my mods and make them compatible themselves, they are free to do so.
– Please read the description before asking something I’ve already answered, or I’ll just ignore you. Not because I’m a dick, but because some people are too lazy to read things.

Credits I really have to give a big thanks to Sebidee for his ‘Complete Guide to Warhammer Unit Modding’[]; it’s a really fantastic step-by-step guide for beginners and I couldn’t have done this without it, and I recommend anyone who is interested in starting modding to look it up!


I was very excited about this game watched numerous videos upon it, waiting for it to go on sale. It never went on sale since it was a new game and I was very eager to play this game so I paid full price for it. Definately not worth the $60 dollars i paid, If you think Destiny was a money horder game with all their DLC’s wait till you play this game. Half of the game is locked because if you dont own Total Warhammer 1 you do not get to play Mortal Empires which is another map for the game. Which is crazy because that is a whole $60 more dollars for a game your never going to play again because you just bought the newest one. Then they want you to pay $19 dollars for DLC of one RACE again ONE RACE. I looked and looked for Total Warhammer 1 on sale and I finally found it, I was literally about to pay another 20-30 dollars for the game because I wanted to unlock the other part of the game. Then im reading along because I dont want to waste my money again and you know what i was just about too! To play CHAOS BEASTMAN WOODELVES AND IF YOU BOUGHT NORSCA THEY ARENT IN THIS GAME. In total the game is fun to play otherwise I wouldnt be wanting to pay extra money too unlock it but im not paying an extra 100 dollars to unlock the full game you got me ****ed up.

Total War Warhammer II is a amazing game, surpassing the first one in many ways. With almost 400 hours into the first game I have to say that it was excellent, and this one perfected the idea of a warhammer themed tw. At first I was slightly worried about the preformance with battles in the higher numbers especially with skaven. The detail on each model is astonishing, the campaign map is the same, both far better then the first game with more details then ever before.

In my lizardmen campaign, I faced over 6000 skaven at once with a full stack and did not have one drop in performance the entire battle. This is a great improvement from the first game at launch with me having a crash against a equal number of greenskins from lag and those were poorly detailed in comparision to the new races.

The gameplay has had the greatest improvements, being a fan of the first game I see a improved version in this second edition. The mechanics for each race are so unique in their own ways but at the same time familiar to you if you have done a campaign before, each having a unique speciallty that is capable of over coming advesaries either through brute strength or tactical cunning. This gives them all the unique flavor that CA strived to get and it showed in their work well. Making this a excellent edition to the trilodgy.

OK, the irritating bits

There is a big blank spot on the main campaign map where the original Warhammer takes place. I imagine at eventually all the races from the first game as a paid DLC (edit apparently a free DLC). Though given current optimisation it would probably crash the game if they were there at the moment.

No Tomb Kings. Probably another paid DLC.

The Good bits

It runs nicely on my 3 year old PC that matchs the recommended settings. I’m having no problems with optimisation but then I’ve got a gaming PC and not a laptop.

4 races and 8 main factions. Each faction is different and they all look epic.

Dark Elves are straight out of the tabletop game. Dark. Evil. Epic.
Lizardmen are very solid. Very playable. Probably the best intro race to play.
Skaven are hilarious. Kinda like herding cats, whiny exploding cats driving farm machinery.
High Elves are just the most cinematic race in the history of Total War. If you like playing Rome in Rome II then high Elves are for you.

Is the game balanced? Well it is more ing balanced than Warhammer Fantasy Battles ever was. It’s cured the itch to get my army out and try to find someone who still plays. Early days yet but currently is very playable. There are also mods to fix most things that are annoying.

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