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(SFO Grimhammer) Celestial Hurricanum

MOD Desc
This is a Standalone Submod for SFO and ChaosRobie’s Celestial Hurricanum

Credit and Attribution
All modelling and texturing is Belongs to ChaosRobie, excluding the stuff done by CA.

and thanks GW to make this stuff like this Possible

Enjoying it so far, thumbs up, everybody has covered the reason why so LET’S COMPLAIN:

I really think they need to mix up how the Vortex campaign works. The End Times in TWH1 gave you time to stop and think, and develop as you wanted; the Vortex on the other hand is GOTTA DO ALL THE QUESTS RIGHT NOW DO IT DO IT DO YOU WILL LOSE THE GAME IF YOU DON’T DEDICATE YOUR ENTIRE WAY OF LIFE TO THE VORTEX.

It’s not hard as such, it just requires a level of dedication to the endgame that TWH1 was mercifully free of. It makes each campaign very same-y and kinda locks down the potential for cool emergent gameplay. You have less agency as a player, and less decisions to make, because the decision that doesn’t help you get more vortex tokens is always going to be the wrong one.

I’ve played a quick (incomplete) run through with each LL and they all play pretty much the same — secure a small area with at least one Token Mine in it , complete quests for more tokens, pop ritual, turtle, repeat.

This is a good game.

The problem is that it isn’t worth all of the updates, all of the money grabbing DLC, and the lack of improved AI.

It seems like there is a multi GB update every week or so. I’ve had to reinstall 3 times in order to get it all to work (game is around 50gb with DLC I have). It’s annoying to say the least.

They lock content behind a paywall, even though it was available at release. This is their 2nd game, and they still have too many older factions that should just be free content (I’ve already paid for them, and feel stupid purchasing all but a few). I refuse to spend more money, considering I’ve spent well more than the purchase price of 2 AAA games. Anyway, if you like DLC, and paying for content that used to be included at release, they feel free to disagree.

AI… It’s still bad. The only way to improve it, is to purposely handicap yourself by playing at higher difficulties.

Anyway, a good game, but way too many problems.

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