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No faction Colour Shields (High Elf Spearmen)

MOD Desc
Update 11/03/2018: tweaked the textures a little to make the red gems better and the shields not so bright 🙂

Update ! Should be compatible with reskins now 🙂

Hey Guys! heres a little mod i decided to upload as i believe in sharing my work 🙂

This simple mod changes the highelf spearmen shield (works with my sword unit too, linked below) Has no faction colours and also no gold trims…..main reason for making this was so it can go with my gold armour reskin mod (linked below)

Also made the red gem brighter to help contrast the white. All highelf factions will have the same shield aswell 🙂 i removed the gold trims as i personally dont like them (suits the last image aswell)

Highelf Gold Armour Reskin

Highelf Swordsmen Unit

Inspired from Seth’s Shield Mods!

Just wait till the blood and gore comes out guys….you can paint them then ;D

The game is fun and all don’t get me wrong but there are a lot of aspects to it that simply make it unpleasant for me.
Such as:
When your playing Multiplayer, you get like 30 seconds to set up your army. what kinda B.S. is that? I didn’t click start battle and it started it before I was done.
When your moding (because this game is unbeatable without mods unless you play the same campaign for years) you have a 5050% of your game crashing (regardless of what type of computer, graphics card, etc that you possess) I simply have more fun playing RTW multiplayer and stuff than I ever do on this stupid game. I am not even gonna bother listing the rest of my issues its just annoying. If you like it, cool. I don’t.

This game could have been so better. Strong licence, interesting gameplay mechanics, etc… All of that is in the game BUT… it comes with a lot of bugs, many many bugs, and some of them are totally game breaking. CA has decided to patch the game only when new content is released, meaning that bugs stay in the game for a long time. Some major bugs, like main faction features just not working at all (loyalty system for Dark Elves and Skaven, Blessed Spawnings for Lizardmen), have been in the game for 7 months!!!

The game has a strong potential but I don’t recommend it at all in its current state. Just wait till the next patch to see if all the bugs have been fixed and if not, just ignore it and save your money.

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