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Rise of Naggaroth

MOD Desc
This mod combines all my dark elves stuff in to one pack to make a sort of flc.

Characters and Units
Legendary Lord Lilaeth
Lilaeth is a member of the dark convents of the Sorceresses with a focus on more destructive magic wear she wields dark/death/fire magic. preview of skill tree above

Legendary Hero Kouran Darkhand
Captain of the Black Guard is the longest-serving member of Malekith’s personal army, having fought at the Witch King’s side for nearly a thousand years. preview of skill tree above

Supreme Sorceress (Metal) and Sorceress (Metal)
A new lore of magic added for all dark elves to use the lore of metal.

Knights of Clar Karond
The Dread Knights of Clar Karond Ride on the back of the terrifying Manticore.

Drakira’s Claws
A heavy armoured spear unit with magic resistance armour, who are tasked with defending Ghrond from the forces of chaos from north.

A heavy armoured sword unit with increased missile resistance and frenzy.

Dark Pegasus Riders
A unit created by CA as a renown are now a recruitable version.

Campaign Feature
Supreme Sorceress have updated skill tree to match archmages

Crafting and unit upgrades added for dark elves see link for more details

my black/gold ui for dark elves

important info
please note that i will not sub mods for the unit upgrades for other unit mods.

unit upgrades don’t have flavour txt as their not important and they don’t have a script for the AI to use them.

should be compatible with everything apart from other mods that add crafting to dark elves.

Q) is this compatible with my other dark elves mods ?
A) no this a more up to date version of all them with little changes here and their that make it different.

Q) did you make Drakira’s Claws and soulskulls unit card’s ?
A) yes i made it from in game screenshots then spent a few hours turning them into unit cards that are close to what CA art is like. also i don’t give permission to use the unit card in any other mod if someone does i will report it.

Q) someone else has done Kouran Darkhand can you remove this one ?
A) no i won’t remove him becuz as a modder i can make anything i want, like how many mods have black orcs with shields in them you don’t see people telling them to remove them becuz someone else has alrdy done it.

Q) can you remove this or that ?
A) no this is my personal mod i use so i won’t remove anything.

link below to my whole workshop

If their any problems just let me know in the comments below and i’ll try to sort them out, otherwise enjoy and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you like it

Based on all the enjoyment I got from this game, I can say I recommend it fullheartedly!
HOWEVER, there are 5 issues which bother me and want to point them out:

1 – Unable to Trade Settlements:
I don’t have enough words to describe the annoyance of one of your allies having a single settlement you want, and instead of talking it over like people, we have to go full ape at each other over it.
In order to prevent abuse, maybe make it so that you can ‘buy’ settlements only in provices where you already have at least one settlement.

2 – Conquering a Stettlement Doesn’t Convert it to That of Your Faction:
Honestly, this feature was in the first game and should make a return.
I’ve heard some silly arguments that it makes sense because of the lore (yes, because when a dwarf takes a settlement from orcs, they TOTALLY want to keep things as those greenskins left, with piles of squig poo and all), but not only it doesn’t hold water even then, it also makes 0 sense from the gameplay aspect (converting settlements actually let’s you see at a glance what is yours in a very satisfying way).

3 – Lords & Heroes Gained Trough Confederation Need to be Auto-Respec’d:
Honestly, AI’s way of doing things is silly at best, when it comes to picking abilities for lords and heroes.
Just let them be auto-respec’d when we confederate, so players can use their intelligence to swing things their way instead of relying on dumb luck.

4 – Naval Combat:
I know that naval combat is not what this game is about, but it being limited only to auto-resolves is horrible.
Either remove it completely (maybe increase sea attrition so its risky to cross seas), introduce a mini-game where players can actually influence the battle, or introduce a DLC with a fully developed naval combat.

5 – Auto-Resolves:
Speaking of which auto-resolves in this game are silly at best.
I have NO idea how my amry of star dragons can consider a threat an army that looks like cast from Mickey Mouse’s The Haunted House!
Honestly, one would think that auto-resolve will serve as means to avoid this tedious one-sided battles that are nothing but formalities, but nooo!

Again, even with these 5 I still recommend this game, but still think I should point them out so you know what you are getting into (and in some wild hope that devs might see this and actually do something about it).

I would call myself a Veteran of the Totalwar Series with about 1800-2500 hours across the games from Rome 1 to Shogun which remains the best ‘Total War Experience’ So to be honest, I was surprised when I played Warhammer 1 and really did not enjoy it, I only ended up putting in around 100 or so hours.. The combat felt too fast, unit spam was insane and there is serious inbalance.

Total War 2 is no different.
But it is still a wonderful game and worth buying on sale, play it with the SFO mod that slows combat and fixes a metric TON OF ISSUES, browse the 40+ mod-subsection and enjoy a better experience

So my recommendation for this game is one that is modded to ‘Your personally preference’ or if you’re simply fine with the unit spam and poor design decisions.

For Example: Playing as Dark Elves, have a ‘Black Ark’ It’s a super ship that the dark elves ram into places and unleash mega-invasions. So I’ve got this black ark and I fight a high elf Army, kick their butts and they run away. This is good, this is fine. I don’t even care that the battle at sea took place on a ‘Random Island’ What does make me annoyed and notice how ‘Streamlined? Lazy? Not thought out? Lore Breaking? Just stupid? The game mechanics are when :SAID DEFEATED HIGH ELF ARMY: Can then run its little butt ONTO LAND, ONTO THE !@#$ BEACH, THUS MAKING MY BLACK ARK STACKED WITH THE BEST DARK ELF TROOPS AVAILABLE, COMPLETELY, UTTERLY, ABSOLUTELY USELESS.

Black Ark is defeated, the nearest general I can transfer troops too is 2 turns away.
High Elves take tier 4 settlement where I had poured money to make said best troops (This is like turn 50 being honest)
I quit and play ANY OTHER FACTION. Because it’s BETTER THAN THAT .

I’m not actually that mad, more just trying to go for a laugh with insanity of my Super Ship and army being completely beaten by a ing beach… ing Dark Elves SUCK (They don’t tho…)

Please CA.
Stop making sheit DLC that you peddle for 20$ when its worth 10$ and PUT SOME DEPTH INTO YOUR GAME MAN. It’s sad when modders improve the factional experiences to such an insane degree, that playing without said mods is absolutely unimaginable. This is the only Total War where I have this experience

I would not play this game without mods and it is not worth buying at full price, but I also really enjoy this game once it has been modded to your tailoring

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