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Legendary Heroes for Reikland – SFO

MOD Desc
A patch to adjust 99Kingcarl’s Legendary Hero(es) for Reikland for SFO. You need all of the (released) Ubersreik 5.

  • General balance of numbers / skills so they match SFO and gave them attributes based on their hero type.
  • Gave Victor SFO’s spy hero skill line and some of SFO’s witch hunter skills.
  • Gave Kruber SFO’s champion skill line and the SFO’s officier skill line.
  • Gave Sienna SFO’s wizard skill line, some of SFO’s wizard skill line and Aqshy’s Blades has the same stats as the Banner of the Eternal Flame.
  • Gave Kerillian SFO’s dignitary skill line, some of the waystalker skills and racial passive for each careers.
  • Gave Bardin SFO’s engineer skill line and some of the engineer skills.

Will I make individual files for each of them?
Why would you split the group, you heretic.

(Silly Pointy-ears only here)
(Here lies Bardin, son of Gorek, due to his short legs he was left behind)

Feel free to give feedback.

The work you do here (and with a lot of other mods I use) is truly the blessed work of HOLY SIGMAR! (Former should be read in Saltzpyrenese) But in all seriousness I just wanted to check if you had made any changes to the Red Moon Inn (even perhaps by mistake) that cause the walls it provides to Ubersreik to disappear? And again your contribution to the modding community is greatly appreciated by many

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