I hope this fixes the campaign limit bug.campaign_cap in main_units_tables was set to 0. I assume at some point CA changed how this value works. It's now set to -1

Sunfire Mages

MOD Desc
Description This mod adds a new unit for the High Elves: the Sunfire Mages.

It’s a flamethrower infantry unit that is strong against large groups of unarmored infantry, but weak against monsters, lords, and heroes. Their loose formation offers some protection against artillery, but they are vulnerable to cavalry.

As mages, the majority of their damage is magic-based. They also have access to a medium-range bombardment spell.

In the campaign they can be recruited from the Dragon’s Lair (Tier-4) or Tower of Mages (Tier-5), and receive extra stats from skills and technologies that benefit Archers (Bow Master, Favourable Winds, etc.).

Compatibility This mod only adds new things to the game and should be compatible with most (if not all?) mods.
It’s also savegame compatible.

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Did another update

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