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**Should now be updated for ‘The Prophet and the Warlock’**

This mod gives the following advantages to the player, regardless of difficulty:

Tax Income +100%
Unit Recruit Rank +4
General/Hero Recruit Rank +5
Unit/Hero/General Replenishment +20%
Army Movement Range +100%
Local/Global Recruitment = 10 Slots
Province Growth +500
Research Speed +1000%
Building Construction Time -75%
Immunity to ALL Attrition

This mod does NOT affect horde-based factions.

Hands down the BEST turn-based (fantasy) strategy game of all time!

Every factions has different units (at least 20 – 30 types each faction) and has completely different mechanics, skill trees, heroes (they are called ‘legendary lords’).

You can be a Dwarf, Human, Orc, High elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Undead, Lizardmen, Vampirate, Skaven (Rat faction), Khemri (Egyptian mythology faction), Norsca (barbaric faction from the north…wolfs, mammots etc), Beastmen (centaurs etc), Chaos. So many options.

Some people complain the game is too expensive with all DLC. My advise is just buy the base game. The base game alone is massive and you can play easily 300 – 400 hours with just the base game factions. You can consider the DLCs after 🙂

Overall this is an amazing game for TBS fans. Absolutely recommended.

Oh and btw I am a big Civilisation fan. This game is similar to Civ. It has less economic decisions but way better AI, much better combat, assymetric factions.

This game is freacking awesome but still has problems

+ new races
+ new mechanics
+ good for casual in normal or even hard with a friend
+ Vermintides players should like it
+ Every races seems enjoyable (usually in TWWI for exemple, dwarves’s players hate orcs and orc’s players hate dwarves(orc ))
+ + My lord was already invincible and then, I gave him a T-rex.. Everyfight were overkill with him in the middle imo 😀

– Ok I play in legendary.. but AI can still manage to get 3 full/almost full army
– Loading problems if you’re using returning on windows during them (maybe patched today, but I don’t want to force my game to crash >.<)
– Can’t co-op with different races (because of the objectives)
– not good for tryharder in legendary
– – Barely see the difference in skavens’s early units
– – – AI can still declare war on you even if it’s turn 20 and that the AI is at the opposite of the map (still the same diplomatic’s issues as in TWWI)

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