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MINOS No Fatigue from Stances (Raiding/Forced March)

MOD Desc
This Mod removes Winded/Tired permanent Fatigues, after engaging Battle in Forced March or Raiding.

Mod made, because AI is often suicidal, getting easily killed in these Stances.

Highly Mod compatible.

Savegame compatible.

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I have been a fan of the Warhammer universe since I was a kid and as the years have gone by I have found myself more and more Warhammer Total War Game. I was happy when I got the first one it had alot of what I wanted but not all. This is better. It improves upon the first in many ways. There are still some issues that need attention, but it is the best Warhammer PC game I’ve played to date.

It would have been easy to get it wrong: When Mordheim didn’t turn out as I hoped I was disappointed. I love Mordheim on TT. I wanted it to be like what Blood bowl was to the original TT version. but it wasnt. This however is a faithfull adaptation of Warhammer.

More importantly: it is still early days.

I like the game now as is and it is still improving. As patches and new DLC arrive it will only get better. Mortal Empires is fantastic and as they tweak it and patch out bugs it will only get better.

I pre-ordered both games and I love them both. Are they worth what I paid? 100% yes.
As of writing this I have played a combined total of over 600 hours on both these games and am still going.
Even if I had bought everything at full price when it was new (which I didn’t) it would still be great value for money.
I have spent more on a shirt than I have on these games. Its a good shirt and I like it, but I play these games far more often than I use that shirt.

===[ ❤ Audience: ]===
☐ Kids 
☐ Everyone 
☑ Casual players
☐ Pro players
☐ Tryhard players
☐ Adults

===[ ☼ Graphics: ]===
☐ Potato
☐ Really bad
☐ Bad
☐ OK
☐ Good
☑ Beautiful
☐ Masterpiece

===[ ☣ Requirments: ]===
☐ 90′ PC
☐ Minimum
☐ Medium
☑ Fast
☐ High end
☐ NASA computer

===[ $ Price/quality: ]===
☑ Full price
☐ Wait for sale 
☐ Average
☐ Refund it if you can
☐ Don’t do it

===[ ☼ Difficulty: ]===
☐ You just need 2 arms
☐ Ez
☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master
☑ Hard (first few hours)
☐ Dark Souls

===[ ۞ Game time/length ]===
☐ Really short ( 0 – 2 hours)
☐ Short ( 2 – 8 hours)
☐ Few hours ( 8 – 12 hours)
☑ Long ( 12+ hours)
☐ Endless

===[ ♬ Story] ===
☐ It doesn’t have
☑ Still better than Twilight
☐ Average
☐ Good
☐ Fantastic

===[ § Bugs ]===
☐ Game itself is one big BUG
☐ Bugs destroying the game
☐ Lot of bugs
☑ Few Bugs
☐ You can use them for speedrun
☐ Nothing

===[ ✦ Others: ]===
Multiplayer: YES
Singleplayer: YES

===[ ♠ Fun-Factor: ]===
☐ Not from this World
☑ Good
☐ Average
☐ Bad
☐ Unplayable

===[ $ Buy or Not?: $ ]===
☑ Yes
☐ No
☐ If you really really like
☑ Yes, during a Sale

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