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Suspense Heresy – More Loyal Slaves (x3 Tomb Kings Army & Unit Caps)

MOD Desc
‘How dare weak mortals assume the limits of Settra! They think that I didn’t have enough forward thinking to bury more slaves to use when I came back!? Foolish! Settra does not serve! Therefore I made sure I had enough servants! Three times more than what those fools at CA thought! Three times more slaves are under my control!’

I honestly went in thinking I was gonna regret my buy. I thought ”same but slightly better” would be the feeling evoked by this game after already putting nearly a 100 hours in Total War: Warhammer 1.

I was completely wrong.

Total War: Warhammer 2 improves so much on the first game that it feels like a true sequel rather than a glorified expansion:
-It feels much better (combat feels really tight, makes the original feel like a beta-test)
-It looks better (higher details, more fluid animations, the unit sync fights feel realistic, the lighting is amazing)
-The tutorial feels better
-The campaign map is great
-The factions are reallly diverse. It feels like CA put a lot of passion behind each one of them
-There’s an actual story with actual cutscenes (2D but still great)

If you felt Total War: Warhammer 1 was just ”ok”, like I did, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by this iteration.
Thank you CA, looking forward to what you’ll do next with Total War: Warhammer 3

An incredibly rich tapestry. From the proud High Elves, masters of Ulthuan and The Great Vortex, to the hordes of Chaos, burning and pillaging for their dark lords. In between there’s the political and military machine of the Empire and their ancient allies, the proud and secretive Dwarves with their science and rune magic. Endless armies of ancient Tomb Kings under the desert sun, battling even more ancient tribes of Saurians, cruel Dark Elves and noble Bretonnian Knights for the fabled ruins and mysterious pyramids of the age of legends.

Incredible variety of faction specific game mechanics makes for very different games. To be able to play all factions, you’ll need both Total War:Warhammer, the first part, and all that DLC. Don’t bother getting it all at once, see how much you like the game first. I personally consider the DLC good value for my money, as I derive dozens to hundreds hours of enjoyment from each, but YMMV.

It’s also one of the best-modded games on Steam, I really recommend getting the Radious mod early on, especially if you find the early game frustratingly slow.

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